Social interaction among the community members is at priority. This target is achieved taking into consideration the following activities

Religious Activities

Performing Havan every year on every zyesth ashtami and celebrating festivals like Mahashivratri, Deepawali, Dusherra, every year with great enthusiasm

Social Activities

Organising social gathering like zang trai for ladies folk in particular around Shivratri

Cultural Event

Kashmiri Pandit artists are invited to give their performance on cultural event which is organised one day before Zeth Ashtami Havan so that traditional, cultural and Sanatan values remain alive especially among the youngsters

Kashmiri Food Festival

The Samiti looks forward to organise such events so that people of Rajasthan would have a glimpse of rich Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine which is highly appreciated throughout the world

Emergency Services

Emergency Services are also provided through blood bank "KP Blood Bank." A Whats App group is already working on it

Future Event

Career Counselling Cell to be created to guide students of the community for choosing the right career, to publish Magazine/e-Journal/e-Newsletter in near future

Next Steps...

KVHS believes in Terrorism free world, freedom from terrorism, Say no to Terrorism, No more refugees, No more displaced people.