• To unite Kashmiri Pundits strongly
  • To fight for the basic fundamental and civic rights for the community
  • To imbibe traditional and cultural values among the next generations to come.
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  • To make a difference in the lives of every Kashmiri Pandit
  • To bring Inspiration, Innovation, Motivation and Prosperity in the lives of every Kashmiri Pandit
  • To have Kashmiri Pandit world without any misery
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Message & Approach

  • KVHS believes in Terrorism free world, freedom from terrorism, Say no to Terrorism, No more refugees, No more displaced people
  • No more migration of Kashmiri Pandits in any part of the country
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About Kashmiri Visthapit Hindu Samiti

Kashmiri Visthapit Hindu Samiti (KVHS) was formed immediately after the unexpected, unacceptable, unfortunate and forced exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir Valley in 1990 by Pakistan trained militants. All community members stated living in different parts of Jaipur mostly in rented accommodation barring a few who were serving in A.G. office and other central Government offices got accommodation in govt quarters on sublet basis. The unprecedented pain of displacement from motherland was at its peak in the hearts of every community member that time.

So every individual was keenly desirous of preserving his/her identity as Kashmiri Pandit, Sanatan heritage, Kashmiri traditions and cultural values especially amongst new generation. Therefore, senior citizens of the community came forward voluntarily and revived the social interaction in spite of all odds and gave birth to Kashmiri Visthapit Hindu Samiti. It is a welfare association of Kashmiri Pandits living in Jaipur.
Kashmiri Pandits are the original inhabitants of Kashmir valley.

Kashmir has remained an important and highly reputed seat of learning since ages .Kashmir got its name from Rishi Kashyapa who was the first one to settle over there. Initially this place was a big river called satisar. The goddess SATI, with the body in the form of boat, becomes the earth and on that earth comes into being a lake of clear water, known as SATIDESA - A Sporting place of Gods. This place got the name as Kashayap Mar, which later got changed to Kashmir.

Kashmiri Pandits are the decendents of Rishi Kashyapa .Kashmiri Pandits represent a rich, peaceful, impressive, cultural heritage who strongly believe and practise Sanatan traditions, especially Trika Philosophy of Shivisim .Kashmiri Pandits are in itself a tremendous rich civilization for the last 5000 years and have contributed generously towards history, music, fine arts, philosophy not only to enrich India but the entire world as well. The ethnic cleansing of such a glorious civilization got shattered due to forced mass exodus from their native place at the hands of Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

It was realised to build a community structure which could include all such migrants from Kashmir to stay in an affectionate bond for mutual preservation of growth and promotion of Sanatan Traditions of Kashmir especially for the future generation. KVHS is a non profit organisation having well documented bylaws and proper organisational structure, traditions and cuto preserve the age old traditions.

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Next Steps...

KVHS believes in Terrorism free world, freedom from terrorism, Say no to Terrorism, No more refugees, No more displaced people.